As part of the Open Pathway process, a team of peer reviewers appointed by the Higher Learning Commission typically visits campus to further evaluate the claims made in the assurance argument and ensure the quality of the educational environment. The review team is appointed by the HLC roughly six months prior to the visit and works with the institution to develop the visit agenda.

For U-M’s 2020 cycle, a team of nine reviewers from peer institutions conducted a virtual review of the Ann Arbor campus due to COVID-19. The agenda included meetings and open forum discussions on a wide range of topics related to the HLC’s criteria for accreditation, particularly how we engage our mission and pursue our work with integrity, how we approach student learning and assessment, and how we evaluate our own effectiveness and plan for the future. U-M’s Accreditation 2020 Core Team worked closely with the review team to develop an agenda that included many voices and perspectives.

Questions about the campus visit and 2020 accreditation process can be directed to the U-M accreditation team at [email protected].